Recent Projects
Ishikawa Japan: Nature, Culture, History and Industry. Ishikawa Prefecture. Translation and editing for Sekai Bunka Sha.

Miho Museum. Kazari: Decoration in Faith and Festival. Translation and editing for spring 2015 exhibition catalog.


Japanese Book News, Nos. 81 to present. Translation and editorial services for Showa Joho Process Company and the Japan Foundation.

人文社会科学翻訳センター(英名Center for Intercultural Communication)は和文から英文への翻訳、および英文の校閲を専門に行う会社です。設立者の武智学とリン・リッグスを中心に、国内外の多くの優れた翻訳者・校閲者の協力を得て、日本語の書籍・研究論文・雑誌などをreadable(読みやすく)かつaccurate(正確)な英語に翻訳し、また、英文で書かれた文章を格調の高い作品にしあげることでお客様から絶大な信頼を得ています。NHK 放送文化研究所より第79回放送記念日(2004年3月22日)に感謝状を授与されました。

The Center for Intercultural Communication is a small firm providing professional Japanese-to-English translation and English editorial services. The in-house staff consists of Takechi Manabu (translator and editor and president) and Lynne E. Riggs (chief editor and translator and director). A number of experienced collaborating translators and editors work with the Center on a freelance basis from other countries and various parts of Japan.