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English articles at Watoji website.

Treasured Woodworking Skills Flourish in Toyama’s Inami District (link pending)

Tanabe Chiku’unsai IV and the Future of Bamboo Craft (translation by Julie Kuma)

Young V&A, the Museum where Children, Young People, and Families Can Imagine, Play, and Design (translation by Julie Kuma)

A Guide to Enjoying Art Museums with the Five Senses|Sophie Richard (translation by Lynne E. Riggs)

Memory-making at the Horniman Museum and Gardens, London (translation by Julie Kuma)

Cosmo PR. Takenaka Corporation magazine. Approach. 2013 to present.

The Stonemasonry of Ano,” by Masayuki Miura (translation by Lynne E. Riggs)

Listening to the Voices of Stones” (Interview with Suminori Awata). Translation by Lynne E. Riggs

The ‘Long Search’ of George Nakashima,” by Hiroshi Matsukuma (translation by Lynne E. Riggs)

Sanuki Craftsmanship and Inspiration” (Interview with Kosuke Nagami). Translation by Rebekah Harmon

Nikken Journal, Nos. 1 to 58

“The Japanese Table” feature articles. Food Forum. Kikkoman Corporation. Cosmo PR, 1999-present.

The Japan Foundation (国際交流基金). Japanese Book News. Nos. 1-44; 81-88 (季刊誌).(Tokyo: The Japan Foundation), 1993 to 2005; 2014–2016.

Tohoku University, Center for Northeast Asian Studies (Survey and Guide, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2015).

The Japan Forum (財団法人国際文化フォーラム). The Japan Forum Newsletter. (Tokyo: The Japan Forum, Aug. 1997- 2004). The Way We Are: Japanese High School Students’ Lives (Tokyo: The Japan Forum, 1998-2007. The Japan Forum. Annual Report 2001-2013). The Lives of Japanese Elementary Students (Tokyo: The Japan Forum, 2004). Translation for the TJF website.

The Japan Forum (財団法人国際文化フォーラム). Takarabako, Quarterly English-language newsletter. August 1997-2011. 翻訳・校閲(translation/editorial services). With No. 28 (June 2011), Takarabako is no longer published in print.

AGLOS News. Quarterly newsletter of the Sophia University COE, “Toward Area-Based Global Studies,” (March 2003 to March 2007). 翻訳・校閲 (translation/editorial services)

[5] Gaiko Forum: Japanese Perspectives on Foreign Affairs. 月刊誌「外交フォーラム」の英文版季刊誌. 翻訳・校閲を担当 (translation/editorial services) Vol. 1, No. 2 (Summer 2001)-Vol. 7, No. 2 (Fall 2007). Publication suspended.

Asahi Shimbunsha (朝日新聞社). Japan Quarterly (朝日新聞社英文季刊誌「ジャパン・クオータリー」1984年1-3月号より 2001年10-12月号(最終号)まで毎号1〜2本の翻訳)

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Asahi Shimbunsha (朝日新聞社). “20th Century 100″ (朝日新聞日曜版に連載の「100人の20世紀」を第1回より翻訳。1998年4月より英字新聞 Asahi Evening News 日曜第一面と二面に掲載。2000年8月27日完了)

Gourmet Guide: Marunouchi Bldg., Shin-Marunouchi Bldg., Marunouchi, Yurakucho Area グルメガイド: 丸ビル、新丸ビル、丸の内・有楽町エリア.

Reviews for Social Science Japan Journal (Oxford University Press/University of Tokyo, Institute of Social Science)